The Chamber of Pella

The Chamber of Pella is a Legal Entity under Public Law & was founded in 1981, based in Edessa.

The purpose of the Chamber is the Protection and Development of Trade, Industry, Crafts, and Professions in its region, within the interests of the National Economy, as well as the economic progress of its region, supporting its member-companies, and stimulating investment activity in the Prefecture of Pella in general.

In this context, it provides, among others:

    • Consultation and the submission of studies and memoranda to the state.
    • Assistance, through the process of Chamber Arbitration.
    • Expert reports.
    • Participation in committees through representatives.
    • Securing trade names at the prefecture level.
    • General Electronic Commercial Registry (GEMI) operation.
    • One Stop Service

    Management of industrial and free zones, shopping centers, etc.

    • Organization of seminars.
    • Information for International Exhibitions/Fairs.
    • Organization of Trade Missions.
    • Keeping Special Registers.
    • Implementation of European Programs.
    • Information – Consultation to investors on European and National investment initiatives.
    • Organization of training seminars for employees or the unemployed.
    • Studies & Research in the context of Community programs


Retail Trade has a strong presence in the economy of Pella Prefecture with the main commercial centers being Edessa, Giannitsa, Skydra, Aridaia and Krya Vrysi.

Export Trade has an important place in the commercial activity with many export companies exporting all over the world with a positive contribution of the presence of the Skydra customs office.

The vast majority of exporting companies belong to the food industry.

Branch structure of the Economy

Primary Sector


The prefecture of Pella is one of the most dynamic prefectures of the country in the field of agricultural activities with land distribution:


  • Plain lands 745,000 sq. (79%)
  • Semi-mountainous areas 110,950 sq. (11.8%)
  • Mountain areas 88,000 sq. (9%)


The Agricultural products produced today in the Prefecture are:

  • Cotton, peaches, apples, cherries, asparagus, kiwis, pears, wheat, corn, sugar beets, soybeans, greenhouse tomato and cucumber, beans, red pepper, vines, olives, nuts.

The main categories of production animals in N. Pella are:

  • cattle, sheep and goats, pigs and poultry.

Secondary sector

The prefecture of Pella is characterized by the development of light industry enterprises.

The sectors that currently show specialization in the Prefecture are different from those of the industrial tradition (ie Textiles).

The prefecture is the country's largest processing and export center for processed fruit and one of the main export centers for fresh fruit and vegetables. These industries rely on exports, which means they bring significant foreign exchange benefits to the country.

Tertiary sector:

Services. Trade and Tourism are an important pillar in the development and employment of the Prefecture of Pella.


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